Friday, June 10, 2005

The return trip

Friday June 10th, 2005 Chicago, IL

Well, I'm going back. In 159 days (November 16th), I'll be back on a plane to Southeast Asia.

I got my visa for Vietnam a couple weeks ago, but still have no idea where I will go yet. I'm planning on getting my tickets there when I get to Thailand.

Geting airfare this time around was a royal pain in the ass. I usually go direct to United to book, but couldn't find a flight for under $1,400. The price jumped $300 after Memorial Day and I was gettting tired of waiting. I got the flight I wanted for $1,136 through of all resources, a travel agent.

I honestly couldn't believe it myself, but it worked. My only issue is that I wasn't able to choose my seats. That could be a bit of an issue, but hopefully, it will work out. I think I'll put in a call to United and see if there's a way to get the window before I leave.

Nothing new to report on everything else. Hate my job, getting sick of Chicago, but at least its warm outside finally.

Busy weekend ahead. Cubs and Red Sox all weekend; Belmont Stakes on Saturday (I really need to get out to Arlington sometime this summer ). Till I get off my ass and write again...