Saturday, June 17, 2006

Nam Dtok Mae Sa

There's always a tough balance on this blog for me to decide how much of a description of a place I should give along with the background of location and any historical aspects that I can find. I'm struggling with this post in that there are a lot of photos that I took and really don't need to describe what you are about to see. These are the waterfalls at Mae Sa about 4 miles from Chiang Mai.

When I first went here, I thought that I was only going to see one waterfall, take a few snapshots and would be on my way to go do or see something else in the area. Well, I was quite wrong about that. Here at Nam Dtok Mae Sa, there are a series of 10 waterfalls. On each side of the river, there are steps and a walkway to get you to each of the waterfalls. I was only wearing flipflops, but this could have been better suited for my feet later if I had worn more sensible shoes. Oh well, live and learn.

The one impression that I would like to leave is just a commentary about how different countries are around the world. As my Thai language skills are fairly rudimentary, there are thankfully signs, warning signs in both Thai and English. Now the one thing that these signs do not say is to use your common sense. There are no barriers to keep you from walking out on the rocks and in several places I did just that to secure a better photo. You will also notice that there are a few photos of people playing in the water by several of the falls. Once again, no warnings, just use your common sense. If you get swept away by the current and injure yourself, guess whose fault that would be? If you answered the park, welcome to America. If you answered your own fault, well, then you are at least thinking.

One last admission. There are 10 waterfalls here. I only saw 9 as I was getting pretty tired and sore from climbing over rocks and up stairs. I did the same when I went to see the temples at Angkor. I saw all but a couple. This gives me something to go back to and look forward to seeing. Enjoy the photos.

Next, I'll be putting up a few photos of my visit to the zoo in Chiang Mai and share a couple stories.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


I haven't had the time to get the photos up of Nam Dtok Mae Sa. I should have some time after Wed. or so and will try then, but right now I've got a few things that have to take precedence.

Saturday, June 03, 2006

Doi Suthep - Chiang Mai, Thailand

Doi Suthep is located about 10 miles northwest of Chiang Mai. The Wat is located on the top of a 5,000 foot mountain. Here are the steps to the top, all 300 of them.

This bell was huge. I'm 6 feet tall and it was still two feet taller than me.

This is Chiang Mai. It was a little cloudy in the late afternoon, but still a great view.

And the stairs back down.

When I get some more time, (It seems that I only have time on the weekends lately in the early morning) I'll start posting photos of my trip to the waterfalls at Nam Tok Mae Sa. There's a lot of photos, so I might put them in multiple posts.