Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thailand Again...

Ok, I've only got three days left on this trip and this is the 1st time I've been able to get to a computer. I have been super busy getting papaerwork together with an immigration attorney for my girlfriend to come to the U.S. and going to see hewr family.

Its been pretty nuts so far, but I'll be able to update with photos once I get back home.

Just a couple updates on what I've been up to...

Monday 11/19 - went to get my girlfriend her passport. Three day wait before she can pick it up. Made the DMV in IL look real bad.

Tuesday 11/20 - saw Casino Royale. Awesome movie. I love the darker James Bond. Also went to have Thai bbq. There were some animal parts that I just couldn't bring myself to eat, no matter how burnt they were.

Wed 11/21 - Went to pick up the passport. Driver took the wrong turn and we took an extra 20 minutes. Did I mention that Bangkok traffic sucks? Real bad. Also went to see the attorney and presented all of our collective information. Have to go back to sign the application and bring several passport sized photos.

Thursday 11/22 - Got the necessary photos. You wouldn't believe the list of things that the photos needed to have including the background color. Welcome to dealing with the US government. Signed the papers for the application and we're on our way to the beginning of a six month process.

Friday 11/23 - Did nothing. I've been battling some type of allergy and the medication is not working.

Saturday 11/24 - Went to Pattaya to see the beach. Its the closest beach to Bangkok at 1.5 hours. The place is still seedy but the sunset was nice. One of my bank cards hasn't functioned on this day. I know exactly what is going on. Fraud division thinks someone has my card even though I've called and told them I was going to be out of the country and was going to have a couple large purchases (attorney fees).

Sunday 11/25 - Back to BKK. Found out the cause of my allergy. My girlfriend's Johnson & Johnson baby lotion. She started putting it on and I sneezed like crazy. Haven't taken the allergy pills since. Tonight we are heading on an overnight bus to Mae Sot.

Monday 11/26 - In Mae Sot at about 5:30 AM. Got to my girlfriends house and realized that my money has fallen out of my pocket (aboout $100) I go back and it is amizingly in between the seat and the wall. I give the bus driver 100 baht (about $2.50) to thank him. In the afternoon we went across the Mae Nam Moei to Mywaddi, Myanmar. We went to a few of the temples there and they were very scenic, but the city is very, very poor.

Tuesday 11/27 - Went to the bank and helped out at the family shop. Didn't really do too much today.

Wednesday 11/28 - Sat around all day. The weather in the North is quite cool at night (I've had two blankets on when I sleep) and it gets fairly warm in the day. We took the late night bus back to Bangkok. I also had my first snake encounter at my girlfriend's parents home. The snake approached and went one way as I went the other. About 10 minutes later, I hear something in the home and its the same damn snake. I yell to my girlfirend that there's a snake in Thai, but I'm saying the word for rat instead of snake. Its a tough word for Westerners to say and finally she comes out of her room as I point to it. I have no idea what kind, and wasn't about to ask. I stayed out of its way and it slithered out the opposite door and her mother chased it away with a pole. I hate snakes.

Thursday 11/29 -Arrived in Bangkok at about 4:30 AM and went to bed. Today we're at the mall and are going to see a movie after eating a ton of Japanese food.

Back Sunday and will update as time allows.